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The profile of company Montage Georgia is design and installation of electricity, fire alarm, video surveillance, building management (BMS) systems. Company Montage Georgia is official representative of the word leading companies in this field – Schneider Electric (France) and Weidmuller (Germany). We are official, certified assemblers of Schneider electric el. Distribution boards. Also we are cooperating with many reliable and respectable companies from whole world.

Our company offers following services of abovementioned systems:

  • Installation and supervision;
  • Technical assistance;
  • Set up, fixing and Commissioning;
  • System integration;



Interactive Fire Control Panel IFS7002 – two signal loops
Interactive Fire Control Panel IFS7002 – two signal loops


Interactive Fire Control Panel IFS7002


Basic features

– Fire Control Panel and all devices in the loops are fully programmable
– Two-way exchange of data between Fire Control Panel and connected in the lops devices
– Detection of Fault conditions: short circuit or interruption in a loop, removed fire detector or swapped fire detectors, connection of the loop to the grounds
– Two signal loops (branch lines are optional) for connecting of the fire detectors, input and/or output modules, adapters, automatic extinguisher modules
– One power loop for supplying of executive devices
– Automatic addressing of devices avoiding duplication of addresses
– Automatic detection of devices of the outputs
– Network operation of 128 Fire Control Panels and/or repeater panels
– Option for connection to dispatcher control point
– LED indication of the main events and conditions of the Fire Control Panel
– Built-in sounder
– LCD graphic display for visualization of text messages
– Touch screen panel
– Dialogue menus in language required by the customer
– Option for integration of a standard PC keyboard
– Built-in real time clock


Technical data

Fire alarm loops
– signal: 2
– power: 1

Addressable devices in one signal loop: Up to 125
Cross section of the signal loop wire: (0.8-2.5) mm2
Maximum resistance of the signal loop: 100Ω
Number of devices in one branch: Up to 32
Fire alarm zones: Up to 250
Addressable devices in one zone: Up to 60
Response time to activated detector signal: Up to 10 seconds
Registered events by the counter of fire events: Up to 9999
Archive of events: Op to 1023

Power supply:
– mains: 220/230VAC, 50/60Hz
– backup batteries: 2×12 VDC, 18Ah

Current consumption of power supply loop: Up to 1A